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wondering if I have ra?

Discussion in 'Procedures & Tests' started by vrswesley, Feb 15, 2014.

  1. vrswesley

    vrswesley New Member

    I have a very complicated medical history, many chronic illnesses. but I have been having occasional pain in my fingers of both hands. my pcp has been testing my sed rate and a few other maybe ra tests(I call them Maybe because they all say this test doesnt tell you igf you have or dont have ra even if it negative) most come bad ok except the sed rate has been slowly climbing...hasnt been in the normal range in a long time.. she just sent me for more test s for thaty and other thing.. and is finally talking about sending me to a rhuemy. it just occured to me that they hurt right now. about pain level 3. guess Im wondering if getting oion top of it now.. would be good?

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